» Klepper Warranty

Klepper Folding Kayaks Warranty
  • 5 Year Guarantee for all original Klepper Folding Kayaks
  • 10 Year spare part support for all Aerius parts
Original Klepper Spare Parts
To avoid errors in shipping and the correct identity of parts and fittings please contact us as we can provide you with details on all original Klepper fittings and parts.
Spare part / repair requests for older models
Please provide model, approximate age and color of your Klepper prior to contacting us for price and repair options.
Boat hulls for Aerius
For all Aerius Klepper Folding Kayaks produced since 1950, new hulls, including loading hatches, can be purchased. Delivery time is about 4 weeks, please contact us for prices and details.
Klepper repair service
You can arrange for the repair of a broken frame or for maintenance of a faulty boat hull. You can also order a new hull or only the substitution of the deck material. Please contact  us for details.
Costs estimates for repairs
Please contact your us to discuss how to proceed.