Fiberglass Roof-top Carriers, Nobody builds a Stronger Case for Adventure.
Made in the USA

Our difference: engineering.

  Go ahead and compare. Packasport is the most durable, highly engineered and attractive rooftop storage system on the market. Packasport Systems are built with reinforced fiberglass using lamination's of aluminum, Cormat and foam---not unlike the process behind building the hull of a fine, hand-crafted boat. The exterior receives a 18-mil gel coat (black or white) for a glossy, high-performance finish - or choose a brilliant automotive paint finish for an exact color match to your vehicle. Packasport’s sleek, aerodynamic design and custom colors complement any vehicle. Drive a cross-over or small SUV? Our new Packasport System 71ss is designed to fit the Subarus, Sport Wagons and X3’s of this world. Pilot a Hummer or Suburban? System 115 is right up your alley. All models come with a limited one-year warranty.
For Spare Parts for the Packasport call our office at 403-287-2120.