Aerius I 490 SL Quattro


MAXIMUM Payload and Clearance
and Optimal Safety

Quattro I 490

What you can’t see makes the difference!
4 integrated air sponsons…


Product Price: $ 8,800.00

Product Description

The Aerius Quattro I 490 single and the Aerius Quattro II 545 double model are based on the Aerius Expedition design, but with one exceptional difference : they have 4 integrated air sponsons. This increases load capacity and maximizes buoyancy and safety. With fully inflated air sponsons, the hull shape changes from a V to a U. The latter mode allows for maximum payload and shallow water efficiency. See the difference in hull shapes in the figures below.

quattro #1

Military Application: The Klepper MK13 (equivalent to the civilian expedition model) was the official "stealth" kayak of NATO since 1953 and has been replaced by the four air sponson Commando known in its civilian version as the Aerius Quattro II 545 (the double version of the Quattro I 490).

The Aerius Quattro I 490 can be sailed with the Freewind Downwind sail and the S1 sail.

Standard equipment on the Quattro I 490 include:

  •  with 4 air sponsons
  • uni-coloured or two-tone Egyptian cotton deck
  • mountain ash and baltic birch natural wood frame
  • length adjustable seat
  • D-ring for rudder lifting
  • perimeter safety line
  • deck pockets for paddles
  • 2 x 2.4' and 1 x 10' keel strips
  • deck bungee
  • rear loading hatch

sideview quattro i 490


Length x Width:     16' 1" x 28" / 490 x 72 cm - fits in a closet!   Weight:     75 lbs / 34 kg with CSM hull                                                  Payload weight:      793 lbs / 360 kg                                                            Packing dimensions:     52 x 14 x 10 in / 133 x 35 x 25 cm
29 x 28 x 10 in / 75 x 70 x 25 cm                                                               Cockpit Dimensions (length x width):      53" x 16" / 135 cm x 41 cm



Klepper Warranty:     5 years

Colours:   uni-coloured options: blue

Product Features

Price $8,800.00