MUS 4.3 Polar


The MUS 4,3 Polar has been specially developed to offer excellent all around charging with special cold weather performance and adapted AC and DC cables to handle severe cold down to -22`F.  The MUS 4.3 Polar is an advanced microprocessor controlled battery charger providing unrivalled performance on batteries from 1.2 Ah up to 100 Ah.  features include diagnosis of battery condition to establish if it can receive and retain charge.  It has a patented automatic desulphation program and a batteries.  ‘Snowflake’ mode ensures ideal charging performance even in the most extreme cold conditions.  The Recond and ‘Snowflake’ modes operate individually or together in both 0.8 A and 4.3 A programs providing great flexibility for the user.


Product Price: $ 138.00
SKU: MUS 4.3 Polar