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Cadet 200 Rollup

The smallest size Zodiac available. New Design. Can be stored without floorboard slat removal. Comes with carry bag, repair kit, oars, foot pump.

Price : 1422.00 1280.00

Cadet 230 Rollup

Comes with seat, oars, foot pump, repair kit

Price : 1604.00 1445.00

Cadet 270 Rollup

Largest rollup model available. Comes with seat, foot pump, repair kit, oars, storage bag. The ideal tender boat.

Price : 1782.00 1605.00

Cadet 285 FR Acti-V

Quick assembly. The Acti-V Hull combines a high pressure floor with high pressure keel providing a more rigid hull and better performance. All Zodiac comes with carry bag, oars, foot pump, repair kit, seat. Recommended accessory - BRAVO BST12HP 12 v electric pump with auto shutoff $225.00

Price : 3175.00 2860.00

Cadet 325 FR Acti-V

Easy to set up. Just add air and go. Recommended accessory - Bravo 12HP BST 12V Electric Pump $225.00

Price : 3571.00 3215.00

Cadet 360 FR Acti-V

Recommended accessory - Bravo BST12HP 12v Electic Pump $225.00

Price : 3967.00 3570.00

Cadet 270 Alu

New Design for 2015. German Melher PVC with welded inside seams. Comes with seat, foot pump, repair kit, oars, carry bag.

Price : 2138.00 1925.00

Cadet 310 Alu

Perfect size for the family of 4.

Price : 2494.00 2245.00

Cadet 350 Alu

When you need just a little more room. Still manageable size for one person set up.

Price : 3207.00 2885.00

Mark 1 Classic HD

Shown with optional seat. One only at this price. Comes with foot pump, repair kit, collasible paddles, bow bag, 2 carry bags.

Price : 5158.00 4645.00

Mark 2 C Classic HD

Shown with optional seat. Zodiac's tried and true model

Price : 5951.00 5355.00

Mark 2 Classic HD

Largest model in this line. Shown with optional seat. Rugged and durable.

Price : 6745.00 6075.00