Sportspal Canoes

This lightweight canoe is available in 12', 14' and 16' models and five color choices.

Crafted from light gauge marine aluminum which withstands the normal use and abuse by sportsmen. A great canoe for fishing, hunting or cruising the shoreline of your favorite lake, river or stream. Built to last decades no matter what you use it for.

Made of 5052 marine aluminum will not embrittle, delaminate, peel, waterlog, check, rot, shrink or swell. It assure uniform thickness of hull sections. Unlike most metal canoes, it is a quiet one too! It is completely lined with foam that effectively muffles all foot banging and tackle box sounds.

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14' Pointed Birch Bark Color
  • 12' Pointed - Web Seats $1,485.00
  • 12' Square Stern - Web Seats $1,539.00
  • 12' Wide Transom - Web Seats $1,593.00
  • 14' Pointed - Web Seats $1,690.00
  • 14' Square Stern - Web Seats $1,755.00
  • 14' Wide Transom - Web Seats $1,863.00
  • 16' Pointed - Web Seats $1,863.00
  • 16' Wide Transom - Web Seats $1,982.00

Additional cost for camo color

All canoes come with 2 seats, two paddles with oar locks, 30' anchor rope, detachable motor mount (pointed models only).